Disney+'s Moon Knight Series Casting Has Finally Begun

Credit: Marvel

Credit: Marvel

We haven't heard much about Marvel Studios and Disney+'s Moon Knight series since its announcement last year but now, it looks like we're real close to finding out who plays Marc Spector in live-action form, or at least two main characters from the project who will join Spector in his exploits.

In an exclusive report from MCU Direct, Marvel Studios is said to be looking for actors who will become part of the said series. According to their scoop, the casting agents are currently on the lookout for the actor who will play Jean-Paul DuChamp, Marc Spector's best bud.

20-40 (years old), White male. A stereotypical good looking, overly enthusiastic, less intelligent than average but still lovable. Actor must be fluent in French.

They're also looking for an actress who will breathe life into Marlene Alraune's character, Spector's love interest in the series.

20-35 (years old), all ethnicities, female. A manipulative operative in a secret organization, capable of going from cool and tough to warm and friendly in a heartbeat.

Despite all the trouble brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, the folks over at Marvel Studios are still pretty adamant to push through with their Disney+ plans. Just recently, Tatiana Maslany was officially cast as She-Hulk and maybe, in the coming weeks, they'll also announce plans for shows like Ms. Marvel. Now, going back to Moon Knight, this series will undoubtedly be a breath of fresh air in the MCU considering most of the characters in the franchise are flashy and larger-than-life individuals, with the exception of brooding characters like Ronin and The Winter Soldier. But heck, even Bucky Barnes' portrayal in the MCU has been watered down since Captain America: Civil War so maybe a much complex and vigilante-type hero like Spector will bring a ton of action and excitement in upcoming phases. Now, the question is, who would you like to see play Moon Knight in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Other details about Moon Knight are still being kept under wraps.

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