Casting Breakdown For Stargirl Series Reveals The Details Of Courtney Whitmore’s Origin

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The casting breakdown for the upcoming live-action series Stargirl has finally made its way online and it looks like the breakdown gives DC fans new information on Courtney Whitmore, otherwise known as Star Girl.

That Hashtag Show just recently stumbled on the casting breakdown for DC Universe's upcoming live-action comic book series, and in the recently released breakdown, fans get to find more info on its characters, especially Courtney.

According to the breakdown, the producers of the DC Universe are looking for an 18 year-old-and-above actress of any ethnicity to play the 15-year old character. Courtney is described as an "intelligent, compassionate, and athletic young woman" with the breakdown revealing her backstory which gives the character the perfect teenage life in Los Angeles – that is, until her mother gets married again and she's forced to move to the Blue Valley, a small town in Nebraska.


While it seems very interesting that DC is opening up its casting list to young girls from all sorts of racial backgrounds, the breakdown's description is a good sign the studio is following the Stargirl's source material. Based on what the breakdown revealed, it seems like fans are going to get a backstory based on Courtney's very first appearance in the first issue of Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.

Stargirl doesn't have a release date yet, but the series is expected to kick off sometime in 2019.

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