Cassian Andor Series Actor Teases Surprising New Detail About Star Wars Show

We still don't know much about the Cassian Andor series but it looks like we could be meeting some people who are important to the titular character. Fiona Shaw has just teased interesting new details about her own character's connection to Cassian in the Star Wars show.

Shaw was confirmed to be joining the cast of Andor last year during Disney Investor Day but her character was not immediately revealed. So who is the former Harry Potter actress playing in the Star Wars series? Shaw was recently a guest of the BBC's The One Show where she revealed how her character is connected to the rebel spy.

"It's an Andor series and it's about people called 'Andor,' of which I am one," Shaw said. She then continued by praising her co-star in the upcoming series.

"And the main part, of course, is the marvelous Mexican actor and he plays the hero who runs around, who is Diego Luna, and he has adventures in space. It's set well before the Star Wars series so it's a prequel to Star Wars."

We understand that Shaw is trying to avoid sharing too much about the show but she may have confirmed that her character actually shares Cassian's surname. With that in mind, we're now hoping she'll be playing a loving mother rather than a cruel aunt although we know she's quite good at being the latter in the Harry Potter movies.

There have been speculations that Andor will introduce some of Cassian's family members including a sister and maybe even a mother. However, there has been no confirmation yet on whether the Andor family will be a part of the show. Nevertheless, we'll be waiting for updates on this story.

Andor has not yet been given an official release date but is expected to premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

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