19 Nov 2018 1:16 PM +00:00 UTC

Cartoon Network Announces Steven Universe: Diamond Days with New Poster

It's been more than a hundred days since the last Steven Universe episode came out (Reddit has been keeping track), but the good news is, we now have a confirmation date for when the show will return. Cartoon Network has just dropped this new poster with Steven dressed as Pink Diamond.

Check it out:

The last episode has Steven and the others getting transported back to Homeworld to meet White Diamond, and the poster gives us some subtle clues as to what to expect. We get Steven wearing Pink's garb and Connie right behind him with a brand new sword.

Just in case you forgot, Blue had actually broken Rose's sword in the last Steven Bomb; we don't know where this new sword will come from, but it's probably going to be from Bismuth as well.


Going back to the other Diamonds, it looks like Yellow and Blue will be back on the offensive. Their character arc had evolved so that the Yellow and Blue had come to Steven's side after realizing that he was actually Pink Diamond. However, the influence of White might change their minds. After all, they're new to the concept of humans. My guess is that they want to destroy Steven so that he would just regenerate back as Pink.

Either way, I'm just glad the show is coming back. Since the first season, there has been a lot of amazing reveals, but until now we still have a lot of questions that haven't been answered. How is White the highest of the diamonds? If everyone fears her, what's her relationship to Yellow and Blue?

Catch some more gem action with Steven Universe: Diamond Days when it comes back to CN on Dec. 17.

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