Carrie Fisher Reveals How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Producers Sent A Personal Trainer To Force Her To Lose Weight

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher revealed last year how she was pressured to lose weight for The Force Awakens. Well, the actress is now recalling how the studios made sure that she achieved their desired weight.

While the 59-year-old actress was at the Cannes film festival this weekend for the screening of the HBO documentary Bright Lights (via The Guardian) on Saturday, she recalled how The Force Awakens producers had to send a personal trainer to her home to make sure she gets weighed, unhealthy food is removed from her stash at home, and she is persuaded to exercise.

She also said the trainer persuaded her to perform lunges and even use a cross trainer, adding the question of whether her character, Leia Organa, will be thinned down if ever she dies and returns as a "Force ghost".

Fisher asked:

My question is, if you die when you're fat, are you a fat ghost, or do they go back to a more flattering time?

However, being Carrie Fisher, the actress said she tried fighting back the trainer and the fitness system by refusing to do the exercises and stuffing her home with cans of cola despite the fitness professional having emptied her kitchen of junk food.

It isn't really surprising how the actress tried resisting her fitness regime. She is known for her sarcastic kind of humor as well as her feisty attitude. She previously revealed how she used a British accentin some lines for Princess Leia during A New Hope because of David Prowse's British Southern accent. Her "best" Star Wars fan encounter also seems a bit creepy.

That said, fans were delighted to see her reprise her role as the equally spirited Princess Leia, now General Leia Organa, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have mattered what she looked like for fans. The actress as well as Princess Leia will always be loved.

Directed by The Cove producer Fisher Stevens, Bright Lights is a documentary featuring footage of Fisher as a child and her relationship with her mother, Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds, who is now 84 years old.

Fisher will also reprise her role as General Leia Organa in Star Wars: Episode VIII, to hit theaters on December 15, 2017.

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