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Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Wants To Join The Fast and Furious Franchise

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Captain Marvel star Brie Larson expressed interest in joining the Fast and Furious franchise. Larson says she’s ‘obsessed’ with the franchise and she would really love to join Dom Torreto’s family.

The Fast and Furious was first released in 2001 and still going on for almost 20 years. Last 2021, F9: The Fast Saga was released and the entire original casts still reprised their roles for almost two decades. However, Fast & Furious sadly lost one of their key characters, Paul Walker in a car accident, last 2013.

The Fast & Furious family continues to grow as they expand their franchise throughout the years. Stars like Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Helen Mirren, and Charlize Theron have joined the crew. In 2021’s The Fast Saga, John Cena also made his debut for the film as Jakob, Dom and Mia’s estranged brother.

Larson recently became the brand ambassador for a major car company, Nissan, and instantly grew a fascination for the car culture. Larson appeared in different TV spots endorsing Nissan’s different sportiest cars.

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In an interview with Uproxx about her latest Nissan Superbowl Ad, Larson revealed her obsession for The Fast and Furious Franchise.

“Please, please tell everybody I would of course want to be in a Fast & Furious movie. I’m obsessed. I love them. I think they’re so good. They’re so fun. And they’ve made me appreciate cars...I’m down to play new characters and whatever. Whatever it takes, but I’m very down for a crossover moment. I think you’ve tapped into something that is a true love of mine, so I would be so down.”

It’s very unlikely that she will be joining the Fast and Furious family soon in later projects, especially after recent reports that there are only two last films for the franchise left. However, a recent announcement says that Jason Mamoa is officially joining the franchise for Fast and Furious 10.

But that’s not a bad thing for Brie Larson at all. As she will be reprising her role in The Marvel Cinematic Universe this 2023 with Captain Marvel’s Sequel titled, The Marvels.

The Marvels and Fast and Furious 10 are both set to release in theaters next year, 2023.

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