Captain Marvel's Brie Larson Geeks Out Over Interaction With Nintendo President

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Brie Larson is a geek and it's why she endeared herself to so many, as her various Star Wars posts have shown. As we wait for a Captain Marvel sequel to get announced, Larson just had a sweet exchange with Nintendo President Doug Bowser and it's going to get a lot of people to love her. Well, assuming that you aren't one of the morons who claim that she "can't act" just because she didn't smile a lot in Captain Marvel.

On Twitter, Bowser asked Larson who she preferred between Luigi and Gooigi, the actress said Luigi might just be her favorite Nintendo character and then proceeds to thank him for all the things he has done. It's a really cute exchange and one that really humanizes the actress, which is really nice to see, even if it's for video games.


While Nintendo hasn't really delved into movies, aside from the upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated movie from Illumination (eww), fans are hoping that a Metroid movie comes out and that Brie Larson is cast as Samus Aran. She has also expressed interest in the role and we're hoping this dream eventually becomes a reality.

Speaking of Nintendo, Luigi's Mansion 3 is out and has gotten a lot of positive reviews. If you have a Nintendo Switch and could use a cute game with some horror elements, this game should do it for you.

Captain Marvel is now available on Blu-ray and DVD, while Luigi's Mansion 3 can be purchased on Nintendo Switch.


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