Captain Marvel Star Samuel L. Jackson To Trolls And Haters: “F*ck I Care?”

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Captain Marvel might be enjoying overwhelming commercial success as it bathes in a $400 million-plus opening weekend, however, the film is also being whittled down by trolls and haters who've come to dislike the film for "pushing a feminist agenda."

Now, as Captain Marvel soldiers on through its second weekend in cinemas, Marvel Cinematic Universe staple Samuel L. Jackson responds to his haters, addressing his feelings over the backlash he's received from his speaking out about his political views.


Sitting down for an in-depth interview with Esquire magazine, Jackson tells the interviewer Carvell Wallace that he doesn't really care if anyone gives up on him or his films because of his political beliefs. When asked by Wallace whether he was concerned about how fans would respond to his outspoken nature, the actor swung for the legs.

"I know how many motherfuckers hate me. 'I'm never going to see a Sam Jackson movie again.' Fuck I care? If you never went to another movie I did in my life, I'm not going to lose any money. I already cashed that check. Fuck you. Burn up my videotapes. I don't give a fuck. 'You're an actor. Stick to acting.' 'No, motherfucker. I'm a human being that feels a certain way,'" the actor explained, "And some of this shit does affect me, because if we don't have health care, shit, and my relatives get sick, they're going to call my rich ass. I want them to have health care. I want them to be able to take care of themselves. This is how I feel. "

Jackson certainly has no hesitation when it comes to his political stance, something which has gotten him into trouble with Marvel fans online. Part of the reason why Captain Marvel has received so much backlash was because Jackson has been pretty open about his opinions regarding President Donald Trump. Brie Larson, aka Captain Marvel herself, has also been under fire for supposedly alienating her white men following with comments made before her film's release.

Captain Marvel is currently screening in cinemas.

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