Captain Marvel Owns Up to Being a Murderer

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Captain Marvel might be a fan-favorite Marvel Hero, however, the past few months Marvel comic book readers have seen a darker side of Carol Danvers. Now, it looks like the heroine herself admits to being a murderer.

In Marvel's "Puppets" storyline for Captain Marvel, fans get to see Carol Danvers committing murder with intent. Determined not to have her mind taken control of by the Puppet Master in Ms. Marvel #20 by Brian Reed (via Screen Rant), Captain Marvel ends up going berserk after finding out that a member of her own Lightning team ended up possessed by the villain.

Angered that Puppet Master had taken control of the Young Avenger Stature, Danvers destroys the mansion where the villain is hiding, finding him shaking and cowering in a room filled with statues that he uses to take possession of people.


Carol allows the Puppet to crawl back to his desk and press a concealed button that causes a massive explosion, destroying the building. While the blast kills the Puppet Master, Captain Marvel walks out of the crumbling building unscathed. In the final pages of the comic, Carol admits to herself that she has killed a man, and that it really isn't the first time that she's done so.

It seems like Marvel Comics isn't really afraid to explore the dark complexities of Carol Danvers. Seeing Captain Marvel kill a man though, we can only wonder what the superhero might be capable of in the future.

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