Captain Marvel Finally Crosses $1 Billion Mark At Box Office

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Captain Marvel marks another major win for Marvel Studios. It's only been about four weeks since Captain Marvel's premiere, but it looks like Marvel Studios' first female-led comic book movie has already soared past the $1 billion marker at the global box office.

According to a report by Forbes, Brie Larson's debut as Marvel's strongest and most powerful Avenger reached $1 billion at the box office on Monday, putting the film in the $1 billion dollar club along with other Disney and Marvel entries.

Captain Marvel is Marvel Studio's 7th addition to the top 10 superhero films of all time. The film is also the Mickey Mouse House's 21st addition to the $1 billion dollar club.

Right now, the top-earning films are Avengers: Infinity War and its $2.068 billion haul, The Avengers and its $1.518 billion, Avengers: Age of Ultron and its $1.405 billion earnings, Black Panther and its $1.346 billion haul, Iron Man 3 and its $1.214 billion earnings, Captain America: Civil War and its $1.153 billion, Aquaman and its $1.147 billion, The Dark Knight Rises and its $1.084 billion, The Dark Knight and its $1.004 billion.

Captain Marvel sits down at the bottom of the list with its $1.003 billion earnings, but the film is definitely expected to earn more in the weeks to come.

This will definitely come as good news to fans. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Captain Marvel before its release, with trolls attacking the film's audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Captain Marvel is currently screening in cinemas.

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