Captain Marvel and Star Wars Actor Says Spider-Man is Marvel's Most Important Character

I think we can all agree that Spider-Man is one of Marvel's best characters and his MCU films, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, were pretty darn entertaining. Now that Disney and Sony have reached an agreement to have Tom Holland's Spider-Man appear in one more solo film and a yet-to-be-named crossover, it looks like fans won't have to worry about him only appearing in Venom and Morbius sequels, assuming the latter even gets one.

One actor who's pretty happy about Spider-Man staying in the MCU is Captain Marvel and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story star Ben Mendelsohn. The actor went on a pretty NSFW rant about how important our friendly neighborhood hero is to Marvel in general, claiming that Thor and Hulk don't even compare to the web-slinger.

Here's what Mendelsohn told Metro UK about the importance of Spider-Man:

"But s— man. You can't lose Spider-Man from the Marvel universe. He's one of their absolute motherf—ing pornstars. I could name 30 [superheroes] that you could quite comfortably lose before you start thinking about losing Spider-Man. I cannot think of a single character who's more important to Marvel than Spider-Man. You've got Hulk, you've got Thor… none of them are as important as Spider-Man. None of them."

As someone who considers Spider-Man his favorite superhero, it's hard to argue with Mendelsogn here. Few characters are as relatable when compared to Peter Parker, even more than 50 years into his debut. So many characters were built off the basic foundation of Spidey, from Ms. Marvel to Invincible, and even DC characters like Blue Beetle (Jamie Reyes).

We're getting MCU Spider-Man 3 in July 2021, though no name has been revealed. In the meantime, both Homecoming and Far From Home are available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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