Captain America Star Chris Evans and Lizzo Jokingly Cast in The Bodyguard Remake

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Chris Evans and Lizzo's online "romance" continues to delight a lot of fans on social media and the two celebrities' equally hilarious and endearing social media exchanges have spread nothing but good vibes all over the internet. Now, fans want to take things to the next level and they're calling for Chris and Lizzo to get cast in the upcoming remake of the iconic romantic film The Bodyguard which starred Kevin Costner and the late Whitney Houston.

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Credit: marvel studios

The remake was confirmed to be in development by the folks over at Variety and according to their report, Kasdan Pictures and Rideback are producing the new film which is set to release under Warner Bros. The studio is said to be eyeing pairs like Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson and Channing Tatum and Cardi B. However, one fan suggested on Twitter that the Captain America actor and the "Good as Hell" hitmaker should get the project for, well, obvious reasons.

Unsurprisingly, it caught the attention of Lizzo who seems to be elated and at the same time shy about the potential pairing. Retweeting the post, she simply wrote: "Screaming. Yall tew much." We know you want it, Lizzo! Check out her hilarious response here.

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All jokes aside, Lizzo would realistically be a good casting choice for the project considering she's also a pop star like Houston. Of course, Evans being one of Hollywood's most attractive stars easily makes him a top contender for the remake as well. And is it just me, or does Cap himself share a resemblance to Kevin Costner? I guess we'll have to wait and see if WB actually pulls the trigger although I'm a little doubtful.

Meanwhile, Chris Evans is rumored to be making his MCU return in an undisclosed project.