Captain America Reborn? Joe Russo Says Chris Evans Isn’t Done With The MCU Yet

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Fans are getting pretty emotional over Avengers 4 since many see it as the swansong of Chris Evans as Captain America. Comic book fans might say differently but Evans made Cap a household name with the common folk who know better than to spend $3.99 a month on 20 pages of beautiful art. Evans himself gave a heartfelt goodbye to the cast and crew after he was done filming his parts in the fourth Avengers installment, hence fans feeling like he's leaving.

However, if there is one thing the MCU has taken from WWE it's "never say never" and Infinity War co-director Joe Russo claims that Evans is far from done as the US Super Soldier. Russo told USA Today that Evans might have been getting too emotional over the end of Avengers 4 since he "isn't done yet." While he won't be spoiling the results, it looks like we could have more of Steve Rogers in the MCU.


Most of us are expecting Steve to make some sort of sacrifice for The Avengers in Avengers 4, with many fans hoping that he will resolve his issues with Iron Man before that. Because of this, we might have to think back about those theories since Steve might live and retire, or something nice like that.

Evans' post-Avengers 4 future is currently unknown, as are the futures for most of the original Avengers crew. Only time will tell if we'll see Iron Man, Thor, and Cap again but we can only hope so.

Avengers 4 comes out on May 3, 2019.

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