13 Apr 2016 10:03 AM +00:00 UTC

Captain America: Civil War Mashed Up With U.S. Presidential Election

Jimmy Kimmel realized that the plot of Captain America: Civil War isn't so different from how the 2016 U.S. presidential election is going, so he shared a hilarious fake movie trailer starring Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders as the Marvel superheroes. 

“Both of them feature former friends who are now enemies, they both feature powerful men and women who are also cartoon characters — there is a lot of interest in both,” said Kimmel on Monday night's episode ofJimmy Kimmel Live!

 The video starts with: “This summer, an all-American idealist faces off against a diabolical billionaire.” Then we see Trump as Iron Man, Bernie Sanders as Captain America, Hillary Clinton as Scarlet Witch, and Bernie Sanders as Spider-Man. 

Watch the funny video: