'Captain America: Civil War' DVD Review: Reveals Greater Insight Into the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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'Captain America: Civil War' DVD Review: Reveals Greater Insight Into the Marvel Cinemati...

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War DVD finally landed on the shelves of stores this week, and we received our own copy for review. 

In Captain America: Civil War, we discover the greatest threat to the Avengers so far... their own explosive personalities and past. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building up over the years, Civil War tears the superhero team back down to Earth. The Russo's had a tough task of introducing new characters, developing the story from previous arcs, and preparing us for future films, all while telling the Civil War storyline with some deviations from the comic books. We found the film excellent, and you can read our theatrical review here.

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The DVD provides a good hour of bonus features in addition to the audio commentary. My favorite bonus footage is the United We Stand, Divided We Fall featurette. This two-part video provides a lot of insightful commentary and behind the scenes footage on set. In the video, all of the major cast members provide perspectives on their characters in the film. For those who haven't followed along with the MCU, it also gives some insight into why each character chose Team Cap or Team Stark in the Civil War storyline, and why the Russo's made some surprise choices in team composition. In addition, the featurette provides some nice background information on the epic battle scene at the airport, which showcases the most ambitious superhero action sequence of any blockbuster film to date. 

Other bonus features on the DVD include the gag reel, which was quite short. I wished it had been a bit longer or showed some of the lead-up to the moment of the blooper. All in all, it was nicely put together and quite enjoyable.

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There are a few other bonus materials on the DVD that are definitely worth checking out, including Iron Man: The Road to Civil War, which goes in depth on Tony Stark's development with Steve Rodgers. You also get audio commentary from the directors and screenwriter, which does reveal quite a bit of information not found anywhere else. Finally, there is a sneak peek video for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie.

If you enjoyed the film, the DVD is definitely worth getting for the bonus features, and the Russo brothers audio commentary is a must for serious MCU fans. 

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