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Captain America 4: Marvel Studios Breaks Silence Amid Backlash Surrounding Israeli Superhero

Cap 4
Credit: Marvel Studios

We all know for a fact that Marvel Studios has been championing diversity and representation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite some time now and it's already quite evident with the debut of several characters in Phase Four alone. Phase 5 will be no different as the upcoming Captain America: New World Order will introduce fans to the franchise's first Israeli superhero, the mutant named Sabra.

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Credit: Marvel

However, the character played by actress Shira Haas is already stirring controversy online. In case you weren't aware, the decades-long conflict between Israel and Palestine is playing a huge factor in Sabra's inclusion in the MCU, with some concerned that the existence of an Israeli superhero could end up dehumanizing Palestinians.

Unsurprisingly, the controversy has already reached social media and the studio finally addressed the matter before it could get blown out of proportion. Issuing a statement to The New York Times, Marvel Studios reassured fans that there is nothing to be worried about, saying that they're taking a fresh approach to the character and will reimagine her in a way that will click with today's audience.

The statement reads: "While our characters and stories are inspired by the comics. They are always freshly imagined for the screen and today’s audience, and the filmmakers are taking a new approach with the character Sabra who was first introduced in the comics over 40 years ago."

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Marvel Studios and Disney for that matter are well aware of the situatiMarvel Studios and Disney for that matter are well-aware of the situation between Israel and Palestine and I'm pretty sure Kevin Feige will do everything in his power to avoid stereotypes and potentially offend fans. As for Sabra, I hope fans will actually give the new MCU hero a chance.on

Captain America: New World Order's release date has yet to be confirmed but the project will begin filming next year.

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