Cancelled Batgirl Movie BTS Images Reveals New DC Villain

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A new villain for the canceled DCEU Batgirl film has been revealed in behind-the-scenes images. The Batgirl film was intended to introduce Batgirl into the DCEU with Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman, since his two-film run in 1989 and 1992. The film would also feature the return of J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, a role that he first played in the Justice League. Unfortunately, the Batgirl film was canceled surprising many.

DCEU’s Batgirl film was supposed to be released directly to HBO Max in late 2022. However, following the merger between Warner Bros.’ and Discovery, a lot of films and television shows have been removed from their slate and some projects were even canceled. This includes the Wonder Twins, The Flash CW series, J.J. Abrams' Demimonde, the Scoob! Sequel, Raised by Wolves, and Strange Adventures. Following the news of Batgirl’s sudden cancellation, several members of the cast and crew have shared some behind-the-scenes photos and videos, giving the fans a glimpse of a film that they will never see.


Even one of the Batgirl stunt performers, Jules Wallace, has taken to social media to give the fans a look at the film’s version of the DC villain Killer Moth. Killer Moth in the comics had no superpowers, and only relied on gimmicks. He is known to wear a moth-themed costume in the DC comics. However, in the behind-the-scenes images released, it reveals a drastic redesign that kept his primary color of green in the form of a tracksuit, and also a tattoo of a moth on the villain’s head. Wallace also gave thanks to the crew and the cast of the film and shared an image with the stunt double for Commissioner Gordon, Stevie.

You can check out the behind-the-scenes image for the villain Killer Moth in the Batgirl film below.


Batgirl was intended to be released on HBO Max in late 2022. It was cancelled by Warner Bros. in early August at its finishing stages in production.

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