Camilla Parker-Bowles Lacks Confidence? King Charles’ Wife Reportedly Nudges Kate Middleton to Step Up

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Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton is visibly stepping up after she became the new Princess of Wales. According to a body language expert, it's possible that the Duchess of Cambridge does it because Queen Consort Camilla has no interest in the spotlight.

Camilla Parker-Bowles Nudges Kate Middleton To Step Up?

Body language expert Judi James weighed in on the changes that Middleton displayed in the past weeks. She noticed that Prince William's wife has become more confident and comfortable in her role.

James speculated that one of the reasons Middleton may have stepped up is the queen consort. Camilla Parker Bowles is satisfied supporting her husband, King Charle, and is reportedly not interested in taking the spotlight.

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"Part of this 'stepping up' could be caused by the new Queen's lack of confidence and a lack of desire to be in the spotlight," James told Express. "Camilla is very much her husband's support act primarily, and she can look uncomfortable when she is in her royal role."

She continued, "This might have nudged Kate into the strong position she holds now, both inside and outside the Royal Firm."

The Queen announced in February that Camilla would be a "queen consort" when her husband, then-Prince Charles, becomes king. Her son was reportedly very happy after the Queen showed her support and approval of Camilla. However, Camilla may not be feeling the same way.

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Camilla Parker-Bowles Didn't Want To Become Queen Alongside King Charles?

James is not the first person to comment about Camilla not being interested in the limelight. An insider previously claimed that she dreads the time her husband becomes king as it will put them in the spotlight.

"Friends and family know it is not something she wants – she has said as much," sources said.

"She is in this position because of her love of the man, not because of her desire to be anything more than a support to him. The whole business of his accession is something she dreads and, in her inimitable way, is choosing not to think about."

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However, British journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower claimed another thing. In his book, Rebel Prince: The Power, Passion and Defiance of Prince Charles, he claimed that Camilla was confident that she would become the first commoner queen.

Camilla is reportedly not bothered with Kate Middleton taking the limelight.

Is Camilla Parker-Bowles interested in becoming a queen or not? What do you think?


Stay tuned for more news and updates about Queen Consort Camilla Parker-Bowles.

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