Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Star Cameron Monaghan Will Make Live-Action Debut Under One Condition

Cameron Monaghan as Cal Kestis
Credit: Electronic Arts

Cameron Monaghan as Cal Kestis
Credit: Electronic Arts

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor actor Cameron Monaghan is open to making his live-action debut as young Jedi Knight Cal Kestis in the franchise under one condition.

Since first playing the character in Fallen Order, fans have been clamoring for Monaghan to reprise the role in a live-action project but it still has yet to happen.

Lucasfilm also remains mum on the possibility of the actor appearing in live action as the fan-favorite video game character.

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Cameron Monaghan Has One Condition for His Potential Star Wars Live-Action Debut

Cameron Monaghan as Cal Kestis
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Credit: Electronic Arts

According to The Direct, during a panel at FanExpo Vancouver 2024, Monaghan was asked whether he is interested in reprising the role of Cal Kestis in a Star Wars live-action project.

He revealed that he is open to playing the character in live-action under one condition.

"It would have to be right. By that I mean, it has to continue the story or the character in some way. I don't want him to just kind of show up to stand around and be there," Monaghan said.

"I want him to mean something and for there to be a significance for the character itself. So, it would have to make sense. But in the right context then, yeah, absolutely."

In other words, the actor is suggesting that he is only willing to play Cal Kestis in live-action if the character has a purpose in the story and the appearance won't just be for the sake of fan service.

While a third game is reportedly in development, there could still be an opportunity for them to integrate him into the live-action projects since Lucasfilm has also released tie-in media that is outside the events of the video games.

Monaghan is also an established on-screen actor who has starred in hit shows such as Shameless and Gotham so he has the credibility to lead a live-action project

For now, let's wait and see how it all unfolds and whether Lucasfilm will eventually announce a project that will finally bring the fan-favorite character into the live-action world.

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