Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War TEC-9 Nerfed

Credit: Activision

Credit: Activision

Since the launch of Season 5 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War when the TEC-9 submachine gun was introduced, the weapon has absolutely dominated Cold War lobbies with the overwhelming majority of players using the SMG. Treyarch's latest patch for Cold War has adjusted the TEC-9, though not enough for many players. In this article, we'll explain what's changed.

The TEC-9 in Cold War starts off as a semi-automatic weapon, which is unusual for an SMG, but the gun also had an extremely high damage output and very manageable recoil. What's more is that the TEC-9 could be kitted with attachments to either burst-fire or become fully automatic. This meant that the gun, in any form, had an extremely fast TTK, or time-to-kill.

Treyarch's latest update has nerfed the TEC-9 but only in its fully automatic form. Originally, the TEC-9's fully automatic damage value was 50, and now it has been brought down to 41. This is an 18% decrease to base damage. This might sound meaty, but the weapon is still a 3-shot kill when fully automatic, and the gun still dominates the SMG category in Cold War.

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However, the game's meta has become more manageable since the TEC-9 nerf as well as another nerf on another Season 5 weapon, the EM2 assault rifle, which saw its fire rate decreased by 7% with this most recent update.

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Credit: Activision

Though, the other major issue in Cold War right now is with yet another Season 5 weapon, the Marshall pistol. While a pistol, the Marshall is actually a short double-barrel shotgun that can be run akimbo. Accordingly, this beast can delete people in the blink of an eye from a surprising range. To top it off, it can be equipped with Dragon's Breath rounds that set enemies on fire.

The Marshalls have yet to be adjusted. In fact, with an update on August 20th, Treyarch changed the gun so that Dragon's Breath rounds worked when running the pistols akimbo, which made the problems with the weapon even more pronounced.

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With weekly updates, though, it's likely we will see more balance tweaks coming in the near future. For all the Cold War players out there, stay tuned if you're unhappy with the state of the game right now.

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