07 Dec 2020 2:54 PM +00:00 UTC

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 Trailer Teases Stitch's Backstory

There is little doubt that gamers are hyped up for the release of the new Call of Duty title Black Ops Cold War Season 1. Now, to spice things up a bit, the cinematic trailer for the upcoming game has just been revealed and it shows a little bit of Stitch's backstory.

The Black Ops Cold War Season 1 trailer, which is actually the cutscene from the game's intro, shows Russell Adler and his team discovering that a CIA safehouse has been attacked.

Not surprisingly, it is confirmed that Stitch and his team had killed everyone there while looking for information about Adler. A quick look reveals how Stitch explored the corkboard of information rediscovered the history between them, which included his past working on Rebirth Island.


One of the more painful things that are brought up in the trailer is the fact that Adler had actually tortured Stitch and was the one who removed his eye during the interrogation. With that in mind, there's a good reason why Stitch is eager to get revenge on Adler.

The synopsis for Black Ops Cold War Season 1 reads as follows:

"Time to settle the score. A trap has been set. A CIA safehouse has been hit. And an old enemy returns to get his revenge. After storming an experimental Nova 6 production site on Rebirth Island, Russell Adler has made a powerful enemy in Vikhor 'Stitch' Kuzmin, the ex-KGB leader of the Nova 6 program. And Stitch is looking to settle the score. Now, Adler and his CIA strike team find themselves trapped, and surrounded by enough Nova 6 nerve gas to throw the world off its axis."

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season 1 will be released on December 16.

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