Bumblebee Sequel Already Underway

Michael Bay had officially bowed out of the Transformers franchise to give Travis Knight a go at the wheel, and his Bumblebee spinoff has been getting a lot of good buzzes. The film is making some great numbers at the box office, and news has it that a sequel has already been greenlit.

According to Deadline, the film has already gained past the $400 million mark and a sequel is set to come out after an animated movie. Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura has said about the film:

"We had many objectives (including) to bring a new set of families into the series, and that succeeded; in the aftermarkets that will continue to succeed in a big way. Part of our obligation was to bring people back who had left the franchise or never experienced it which worked well… We are finding our way. Our intention was we wanted to please the core fans but also bring a new audience."

We don't know what will happen in the Bumblebee sequel, but I guess it's going to pick up right where the first movie left off. Personally, I would rather see more of the war on Cybertron than the Autobots and Decepticons just causing chaos on Earth. I know the film needs human characters for the audience to identify with, but I think the Transformers themselves have enough personality to anchor a film.

Maybe this animated movie is going to be the Cybertron film that some fans have been looking for? That opening sequence was amazing, and I'm curious what would happen if we were given a whole movie set in that battlefield?

For now, catch Bumblebee in theaters today.

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