BTS V 'Accidentally' Followed BLACKPINK Jennie On Instagram

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

All-male K-pop group BTS used to utilize only one Instagram profile for official purposes. It was not until Monday when they launched their respective personal accounts for the first time.

Following the announcement, the K-pop idols made the headlines once again. But, apart from breaking several of the platform’s records, one of the members caught the attention of the public as he had surprising movements within the social media app.

AllKpop reported that it was V as he “accidentally” followed BLACKPINK member Jennie on Instagram.

V Followed-Unfollowed Jennie of BLACKPINK

On December 7, fans noticed that V’s following list count went up by one from seven. Upon checking whose account he had followed, the list showed BLACKPINK member Jennie’s on top.

It reportedly appeared that it all happened due to the “very insistent feature” of Instagram, recommending which users to follow. The BTS vocalist seemingly ended up following the SOLO singer’s account after exploring the social media app for the first time.

Shortly after, V’s following list went back to seven again. It appeared that he immediately unfollowed Jennie’s account.

The talks surrounding what happened became apparent when the Sweet Night singer appeared on Weverse to seek help from fans. He asked them if there is a way “to get rid of the ‘recommended’ friends list” on Instagram, adding that it is a “scary app.”

V Breaks Numerous Records

Prior to the incident, though, V already made the headlines for dominating Instagram after breaking numerous records.

The BTS member has become the fastest person to reach 1 million followers. He achieved the feat in less than 40 minutes, beating Angelina Jolie’s one hour.

V has also taken Billie Eilish’s record for being the fastest celebrity to reach 1 million likes. His post amassed the number of likes in four minutes, surpassing the Bad Guy singer’s by two minutes.

He has become the fastest K-pop idol to reach 5 million likes, as well. He has beaten BLACKPINK member Lisa’s record of 117 minutes as he obtained the figure in under 103 minutes.

Furthermore, the BTS member is now the fastest person to reach 10 million followers in the history of Instagram. He gained this number of followers in less than half a day.

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