Bruce Willis’ Air Strike Cancelled Release After Disappearance of Fan Bingbing

X-Men: Days of Future Past actress Fan Bingbing had made headlines recently after it was revealed that she had owed taxes worth up to $130 million, and now she has seemingly vanished leading to the cancellation of the release of her next film, Air Strike.

According to USA Today, director Xiao Feng announced that it was "time to let go" of the World War II-era film that he had been working on for more than eight years. The movie was set to come out later this month, and it starred Hollywood actors Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody. A trailer was actually released back in August, and production does seem pretty hefty.

By the looks of it, the movie was actually completed, but this cancellation was due to the controversy over Bingbing. It was said that she managed to rack up the huge fine due to tax evasion. She was also able to avoid taxes working on Air Strike by having two separate contracts.

Having a movie canceled due to actors in the middle of controversy has been prevalent in this modern era of Hollywood. Louie C.K.'s I Love You Daddy was pulled out of distribution after the accusations came out. Billionaire Boys Club starring Kevin Spacey was also shelved when Spacey fell to the #MeToo Movement.

No doubt, I think Air Strike still has a chance of coming out in theaters, but it may be a while after this whole debacle with Bingbing ends.

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