15 Jan 2018 11:40 AM +00:00 UTC

Bruce Lee's Epic Fist of Fury Scene Recreated With Lightsabers

Photo: Fist of the Fury/Patrick Nan/YouTube

How do you make a legendary scene of a legend look more legendary? 

By adding lightsabers, of course. In YouTuber Patrick Nan's recreation of 1972's Fist of Fury fight scene, Bruce Lee and his enemy are using lightsabers instead of traditional weapons, and the whole fight looks more epic. It would be cool to see this clip uploaded with the Duel of the Fates soundtrack. And nunchuck sabers should be canon. This looks pretty awesome, and it's definitely one of the best-edited lightsaber scene recreations I've seen. 

Watch the video below: 


If you can't get enough of Bruce Lee being a Jedi, here's a Star Wars/Bruce Lee fan art by Ameeeeba

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Source: Ameeeeba.deviantart

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