Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz's Marriage Doomed? Couple's Wedding Photos Reportedly Signal Trouble, Body Language Expert Jesús Enrique Rosas Says

Credit: Vogue/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Vogue/YouTube Screenshot

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz are still in the honeymoon phase after tying the knot in April. However, a body language expert noticed something odd in their photos. Continue reading to know the details.

Brooklyn Beckham And Nicola Peltz's Photos Reportedly Showing Signs Of Trouble

Body language expert Jesús Enrique Rosas took time to check out Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz's pictures after hearing news about their lavish $5-million wedding. Rosas doesn't know the couple but has been hearing news about them after their nuptials, so he decided to check them out based on their body language.

On his YouTube channel, he compared how Beckham and Peltz posed in photos. According to him, the way she posed with her chin up and one arm on his shoulder is showing "a bit arrogant" and "a bit dominant."

Meanwhile, the groom didn't look powerful at all. Instead, he looked sleepy and bored. Also, his shoulder also seemed to be under the weight of her arm.

The expert also noted their age gap. Beckham is 23, while his wife is 27. She's four years older than him, and the age gap is not really an issue. However, according to Rosas, there is an issue.

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"The problem is, that fact that he's 23 years old, this is something that we have to take into account because there's an important part of our brain that is the prefrontal cortex that doesn't fully develop until we are 25," he added. "This is really important to understand because in this case, she will have that area fully developed, but he would not have that at this stage."

According to Rosas, that particular area of the brain helps us make decisions and avoid stupid things.

He also checked out photos posted on their Instagram account. He noticed that Peltz's smile in the pictures is not genuine.

There are also many photos of them when Beckham kisses Peltz with his eyes closed while she smiles at the camera. According to Rosas, Beckham "is abandoning himself" and is "truly enjoying kissing her." Meanwhile, he felt that Peltz is "posing for the camera."

According to Rosas, Beckham "is admiring her," but she is "looking at the camera," and the expert finds it "odd."

Rosas acknowledged that some might find their marriage not lasting long, and he somehow shared the same sentiment because he felt that Beckham is still figuring out what he really wants, as evidenced in his career choices. Beckham tried football, switched to modeling, then photography and is currently working as a chef, all in the span of seven years.

"Marrying when you're trying to figure out things as a man, it's a bit odd," he said.

Rosas used the word "infatuation" to describe Beckham's feelings for his wife and even pointed out how he added her last name on his Instagram name as "Brooklyn Peltz Beckham."

Lastly, he pointed out Beckham's posture in their wedding photo, where his hands were covering his genitals while sitting on a chair. The expert said it's a "defensive posture" and often seen in the royals to give an impression that they won't harm anyone.

However, he doesn't understand why Beckham would use the same posture when he doesn't need to give the same impression as the royals, especially since he is a man with the freedom to do whatever he wants. Thus, the posture was not the best choice, according to Rosas. The body language added that he looked submissive.

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Nicola Peltz Accused Of Shading Brooklyn Beckham's Parents Victoria and David Beckham

Nicola Peltz appeared on Tatler Magazine's August cover. In the interview, she mentioned about her husband being pressured in pleasing people. That's why he had to try some stuff that he didn't really love, referring to his career.

While Peltz didn't mention his famous parents, Victoria and David Beckham, some felt that her statement was a shade at his parents.

"Brooklyn Beckham's wife Nicola 'takes swipe' at David and Victoria over failed jobs," Mirror's headline read.

Several netizens also reacted, and many of them accused the Transformer star of starting trouble between the Beckhams.

"The beginning of a lot of trouble for the Beckhams," one Twitter user suggested.

"She's an Uber wealthy( family has more $$$ than Beckhams) offspring...a 'model/actress' no one ever heard of until she married him. I'm not sure how successful she will be alienating him from his family, they seem so close knit," another added.

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"Uh oh.   Shades of H and M.  Older arrogant wife. Younger, lazy, spoiled husband.   I don't really care for the Beckhams but I hope their fans have paid attention to the Harkle saga because I think they are about to live it with the Brooklyn Beckhams," a third user added.

"oh boy, well he is younger than her and too young to be married. She is ultra rich and will be in control of the relationship. She has started the divide which will be heartbreaking. Holidays will always be with her family and she will never visit her in-laws. Kids raised entitled," a fourth user opined.

Meanwhile, some netizens agreed with Peltz that there are parents who pressure their children. However, the online user doesn't think it's appropriate for a spouse to comment on that.

"Honestly some parents do put a lot of pressure on children to succeed and sometimes the child imagines the pressure. We do not know, as we are not them. But she should not be commenting, a spouse should never interfere with that relationship," the fifth netizen said.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about celebrities.

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