Brightburn Star Wants New Actors To Portray Sequel's Superpowered Villains

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There is little doubt that Jackson A. Dunn is going to be huge after his impressive performance as the Evil Baby Superman in Brightburn. Not surprisingly, Dunn wants to make sure that other up-and-coming actors like him will get the same opportunity in the film's planned sequel.

Dunn recently spoke to Screen Rant about what could happen in Brightburn 2. Although the young actor didn't confirm that a sequel is currently in the works, he did state that it would be a great opportunity for unknown actors like him.

"The thing is, when I was cast in the role, I wasn't a name that would have been said in terms of 'Oh yeah, he can play it.' I was someone who was found for this role. I got a lot of my come up through this role. So I'd like to see more up-and-coming actors embraced with this universe if we were to continue with that," Dunn said.

It's certainly a great idea considering that there are several untapped talents out there just waiting for the perfect role. Although playing the bad guy isn't exactly something that young actors would aspire for, Dunn certainly proved that it was the best way to show off his talents.

So is Brightburn 2 actually happening? Although the first film concluded with a post-credits scene that hinted at more superpowered beings around the world, producer James Gunn has not yet confirmed if a sequel is in development. Hopefully, we'll get an update about this soon.

Brightburn is currently available on digital download while the film's Blu-ray will be released on August 20.

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