Brendan Fraser Apologizes for George of the Jungle Stunt in San Francisco

Who could forget one of Brendan Fraser’s classics, George of the Jungle? The movie held similar elements and a familiar plotline like Disney’s Tarzan, after all, but with more dangerous stunts and was produced in live-action, with Batgirl and The Whale star Fraser as the titular character, George. At the Mill Valley Film Festival in California on October 13, while attending the screening of Darren Aronofsky's film, The Whale, he recalled the time they caused quite a ruckus shooting George of the Jungle.

Set and filmed in San Francisco, George of the Jungle had an iconic scene where Fraser (as George) was dangling from the top of the Bay Bridge (which he referenced as the Golden Gate Bridge). Watch the scene below:

Upon recalling that scene, Fraser prepares his apology.

“When we were doing George of the Jungle, George goes to rescue a parachutist tangled in the Golden Gate Bridge. That means Disney put a mannequin hanging by a parachute from the uprights.”

“It brought traffic to a standstill on either side of the bridge. My trailer was on the other side in a parking lot. I just remember watching the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s this dummy parachutist hanging from it. I had the TV on, and Oprah got interrupted because there was a special news report with helicopters saying a parachute is dangling on the bridge. And I’m going — wait a minute, I’m looking at the helicopters and TV — somebody didn’t pull a permit, somebody’s going to get in trouble with the mayor’s office. So I can only apologize for that.”

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Later on, during the introduction to the screening, the Mill Valley Film Festival featured a highlight reel of Fraser’s career to present him with a lifetime achievement award for acting. As Fraser received a small statue, he delivers a thank you, then retold the same George of the Jungle story, in honor of the film being part of his highlight reel.

“So, that said — my bad, it won’t happen again.”

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