Breaking Down the New Deadpool 2 Trailer

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The newest trailer for 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool 2 arrived today, and from the looks of it, this film is completely doubling down on the raunchiness, violence, and profanity that made the Merc with a Mouth’s original solo outing such a runaway success. However, it also appears to double down on the heavy X-Men lore, which is likely the biggest takeaway for longtime comic book readers.

Follow along with us as we break down the new Deadpool 2 trailer:

  1. That Seems About Right

    The trailer kicks off with the Merc with a Mouth being pursued by an angry mob before diving headfirst into the backseat of Dopinder’s taxicab. Even devoid of context, this scene feels incredibly appropriate for the characters involved.

  2. Heads Up

    In case there was any doubt about whether or not Deadpool 2 would be more violent than the original, we’re quickly reassured that the sequel isn’t shying away from bloodshed. In fact, we even see Wade fully decapitate a man with one of his trademark katanas, which is surely just a mere taste of what’s in store for moviegoers this May.

  3. ‘I’m Here for the Kid’

    That kid we saw giving the finger in the first trailer? Apparently, he’s more important to the film than we thought. As we learn in this shot, Cable’s pursuit of the boy is apparently what puts him and Deadpool at odds with one another.

  4. Who IS This Kid?

    Of course, Cable’s interest in this kid begs the question: who is he, and why does Cable want to kill him? From what we see here, he’s clearly powerful, but is that enough reason to warrant his death? Perhaps this is actually a twist on the classic Cable/Hope Summers plot thread from the comics.

  5. Blink?

    Is that Blink standing behind Negasonic Teenage Warhead? It sure looks like Blink, though not the version we saw in X-Men: Days of Future Past or The Gifted

  6. Professor X Cameo?

    OK, so it’s not really a Professor X cameo. Still, it’s a fun nod to Patrick Stewart and James McAvoy’s live-action take on Professor Charles Xavier, as well as a nod to Fox’s greater X-Men Universe.

  7. George Washington Bridge

    It came as quite a surprise when Terry Crews appeared in the first Deadpool 2 trailer. Here, we get an even better look at his take on G. W. Bridge, the mercenary associated with Cable’s Six Pack team.

  8. An Excalibur Easter Egg?

    While Deadpool is looking through photos of potential recruits, we get a glimpse of a headshot labeled “Peter,” which could be a nod to Pete Wisdom, of Excalibur fame. Longtime fans may also recall that he had a brief stint on X-Force. In fact, speaking of X-Force...

  9. X-Force Confirmation

    Many believed Deadpool 2 would be used to help set up the inevitable X-Force film, and here, we get the team’s first official name drop. Of course, whether or not this is the final iteration of the team remains to be seen, but it’s still an incredible moment for fans of Marvel’s X-books.

  10. Old School Throwback

    Speaking of incredible moments, how great is it to see Wade sporting a jersey that’s clearly a nod to his X-Force uniform? Sure, it’s hardly as iconic as the full grey suit, but the logo is nothing if not an indication of the direction we’re heading.

  11. Throwing Shade at the Franchise

    No Deadpool trailer would be complete without poking fun at Fox’s X-Men franchise. Here, it comes in the form of an exchange between Wade and Weasel, as the pair toy with the fact that X-Men: The Last Stand was nearly a franchise-killer, especially since it was preceded by the fan-favorite X2.

    Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 18.