Breaking Down All 14 Deleted Scenes From Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Clocking in at 2 hours and 32 minutes, the eighth chapter of the Star Wars saga, The Last Jedi, has the longest runtime of any film in the franchise. However, just because so much of what writer/director Rian Johnson shot made it into the movie doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything left on the cutting room floor. In fact, the digital release (and the impending physical release) of The Last Jedi contains a whopping 14 deleted scenes.

Thankfully, if you’re on the fence about whether or not the additional footage warrants buying the film digitally instead of waiting for the DVD or Blu-ray, we here at Epicstream have you covered. Check out our breakdown of all 14 deleted scenes from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

  1. Alternate Opening

    Rather than the sequence in which Poe Dameron leads a dangerous (and reckless) attack on the First Order’s Dreadnaught, Rian Johnson’s original opening shot was of Finn coming out of his coma. The scene begins immediately after the opening crawl, as the camera pans down to Finn just moments before he opens his eyes. From there, we see Lt. Connix telling Poe that they need more time, which transitions into what ends up becoming the actual opening of the film.

  2. Paige’s Gun Jams

    Rose Tico’s sister, a Resistance gunner named Paige, didn’t get a whole lot of screen time in Episode VIII. However, in one of the deleted scenes, she gets a few additional moments to shine. It’s a very brief shot, but we see Paige enter the opening space battle by shooting down some pesky First Order TIE Fighters, stopping to un-jam her gun and dodging a few blasts in the process.

  3. Luke Has a Moment

    In the eyes of many Star Wars fans, not allowing the big three of the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Leia Organa, to reunite on-screen is perhaps the biggest missed opportunity of the sequel trilogy. In this scene, though, we get the closest thing to a full-fledged reunion when Luke retreats to his hut after learning about Han’s death from Rey. After taking a moment to mourn the loss of his friend, the scene then cuts to Leia, who appears to be similarly grieving, thus connecting the three franchise mainstays one last time, at least in spirit.

  4. Poe: Not Much of a Sewer

    Finn and Poe’s friendship was an underexplored highlight of The Force Awakens, but this scene helps strengthen the pair’s bond somewhat. In it, we see Poe hand Finn the jacket he gave to him in Episode VII, telling him that he stitched up the hold left in it by Kylo Ren’s lightsaber. It’s a scene reminiscent of the encounter in the hallway on Hoth between Han and Leia, which Johnson even calls out in his commentary.

  5. It’s Kind of Weird That You Recorded That

    In the closing moments of The Force Awakens, Rey departs from D’Qar and makes her way to Ahch-To in search of Luke, and although she says goodbye to Finn, he’s still unconscious when she does so. Thankfully, we learn that BB-8 recorded the farewell, which the astromech droid plays back for Finn as a hologram. Finn clearly appreciates the sentiment, though he also tells BB-8 that recording the intimate moment was a little bizarre. 

  6. The Caretaker Sizes Up Rey

    Rey’s relationship with the Caretakers of Ahch-To was one of the more comical aspects of The Last Jedi, as their encounters often ended with the frog-like native cleaning up Rey’s mess. In this scene, one of the Caretakers glances begrudgingly at Rey as she and Luke prepare to begin their first lesson, so it’s hardly a major cut.

  7. Caretaker Village Sequence

    When Luke agrees to train Rey, he tells her that he has three lessons, but we only see two of them play out in the actual film. What was originally believed to be the third (Johnson shoots down this notion in the commentary) takes place in this scene when Rey spots a boat heading towards the Caretaker’s village. Luke tells her they’re raiders, and while Rey feels they should defend the Caretakers, Luke says it will only provoke the raiders further, causing them to return in greater numbers. However, Rey decides to aid them anyway, but when she arrives, she finds the Caretakers in the midst of a celebration. If this truly wasn’t meant to be a lesson, then it’s certainly one cruel joke.

  8. Extended Fathier Chase

    There really isn’t a whole lot to say about this scene, as the title is rather self-explanatory. Basically, it’s just a longer version of the scene in which Finn and Rose go on the run from the Canto Bight authorities by commandeering a pair of Fathiers. 

  9. Mega Destroyer Incursion – Extended Version

    For those wondering where Tom Hardy’s Stormtrooper cameo is, look no further! The scene takes place shortly after Finn, Rose, and DJ sneak aboard Supreme Leader Snoke’s Mega Destroyer Supremacy disguised as First Order officers. While standing in the elevator, the trio is joined by several Stormtroopers, one of whom recognizes Finn and refers to him as FN-2187. However, he apparently isn’t aware of Finn’s change of heart, because instead of treating him like a traitor, he congratulates him on his apparent promotion to Captain.

  10. Rose Bites the Hand That Taunts Her

    This relatively short sequence occurs immediately after DJ betrays Rose and Finn. With the pair in First Order custody, General Hux decides to take a moment to celebrate his victory by mocking them. He gets a bit too close for comfort, though, giving Rose the opportunity to sink her teeth into Hux’s hand, further infuriating him and leading into him calling for their execution.

  11. Phasma Squealed Like a Whoop Hog

    Quite frankly, Captain Phasma went out like a bit of a chump, but the original version of her showdown with Finn, despite ending the same way, is actually quite entertaining. When Phasma has Finn exactly where she wants him, her former subordinate explains to the other Stormtroopers how she backed down to him, effectively betraying the First Order, in Episode VII. When the Stormtroopers turn their attention to their leader, she blasts them before they can act, at which time the sequence continues much as it did in the final cut.

  12. Rose & Finn Go To Where They Belong

    When Poe gives Finn his jacket in the previously discussed scene, he also tells Finn that the Resistance is where he belongs. That being said, it’s quite fitting that after Finn and Rose evacuate the Supremacy and Rose asks where they’re headed, he tells her they’re going where they belong, which is to fight alongside the Resistance on Crait.

  13. Rey & Chewie in the Falcon

    This scene doesn’t do a whole lot for the plot, so it makes sense it was cut. While Luke (or rather his Force projection) is incurring the full firepower of the First Order, the camera quickly cuts to Rey and Chewie, who see the action from aboard the Millennium Falcon. However, because of all the dust being kicked up from the surface, it’s unclear whether the pair can even tell Luke is there.

  14. The Costumes and Creatures of Canto Bight

    The last and decidedly least interesting deleted scene is a compilation of shots from Canto Bight, which highlight the sets and costumes. It’s fun to admire the visuals, but it’s nothing worth writing home over.