Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul Cast in Westworld 3

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HBO's Westworld is a show that manages to have some amazing talent behind it, and we've seen the likes of Anthony Hopkins and Ed Harris be a part of the cast. Now another great actor is joining their ranks in the form of Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul.

As per Deadline, Paul has been cast in the third season of Westworld. No details have been released about his character, but it's said that he's going to be a series regular.

During his stint as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, Paul had won three Emmys, and he has recently been working on Hulu's The Path as well as Apple's drama Are You Sleeping?. He admittedly hasn't been in any big name projects since BB, but I would love to see him join the cast of Westworld for the next season.

I also forgot to mention it, but Paul also provides the voice of Todd in Netflix's BoJack Horseman.


If I were to guess, Paul would probably end up playing a human in the show. He has such a knack for emotion onscreen that it would be a waste not to use that at all; he could be some poor guy that Dolores has somehow seduced or maybe some technician like Bernard. Then again, he could be a host. At this point, no one knows what's what.

No specific release date has been set for Westworld 3, but it's possible it will skip a 2019 release and come out in 2020.

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