Brandon Sanderson Compares Amazon's Wheel Of Time Series To Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Films

Credit: Tor

Credit: Tor

There is little doubt that fans will be hoping that Amazon's series adaptation of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time will be as close to the books as possible. However, Brandon Sanderson has somehow revealed that there will be certain changes in the highly anticipated show. The author who finished the last three books in the novel series even went as far as to compare the Amazon show to Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings movies.

Sanderson recently offered some updates on the show's progress on Reddit and the writer somehow revealed that showrunner Rafe Judkins had made certain changes in the adaptation. However, Sanderson was quick to point out that he supports these changes.

"I found the mast majority of these decisions to be excellent choices--things that will give the show its own soul, but still in line with the feel and tone of the books. I can't say for certain, but my instincts say the fanbase will, in general, respond to them positively. There are a few I offered suggestions on, and we'll see.
"I can't say too much, not just because of NDAs, but also because the show is very much still in flux as Rafe makes decisions on how he wants things to go. As the alterations go, I'd say they fall in line with positive changes made in bringing LOTR to the big screen--things that were altered in order to make the films work for the medium," Sanderson wrote

Sanderson seems well aware that the changes will be "polarizing" but also states they "are coming from a good place." He then revealed he is quite impressed with the scripts he was read so far.

"Let me tell you, the first of the two scripts I read was sharp. Excellent dialogue, nuanced characters, great pacing. The second of the two was in a rougher shape, so while still good, obviously was still undergoing revisions," he wrote

We're certainly hoping for the best in the Wheel of Time series. Let's just hope that the series will exceed expectations soon.

Amazon has not yet given The Wheel of Time series an official release date. Stay tuned for more updates.

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