Brand New Rick and Morty Episode Makes Fun Of Star Wars

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Star Wars might be one of Hollywood's largest and most successful film and television franchises, however, the galaxy far, far away isn't safe from Rick and Morty's firing squad.

Now that the fourth season of Justin Roiland's raunchy and irreverent animated series is out on Adult Swim, Rick and Morty fans get to see the titular characters running around in zany adventures across the galaxy and in the latest episode (via, Rick and Morty take a shot at Star Wars.

Aiming at Star Wars' cartoonish depiction of violence (which is made to keep the franchise relatively family-friendly), Rick and Morty decided to go on a rampage of destruction without any of the guilt as they try to escape a planet where overrun by parasitic aliens in the episode "Promortyous."

The episode tries to depict destruction without really spending time on the casualties of Rick and Morty's little rampage, "just like Star Wars," the duo proclaim.


The shots don't end there of course. Morty decides to launch himself into a secondary gunner pod – a scene that Star Wars fans might be familiar with. Throwing in a little "yeehaw," the episode clearly takes a jab at the cosmic franchise.

Star Wars fans shouldn't blow their tops off the new Rick and Morty episode though. The series' charm lies in its brass and in its cheekiness – there's been a lot of pointed jabs at major Hollywood franchises, including Marvel and DC.

Shots at Star Wars should be expected.

Rick and Morty season 7 is airing on Adult Swim.

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