#Boycottgenshin Explained. Here's Why Genshin Impact is Trending on Twitter

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Since its release last year, Genshin Impact, the ARPG from developer miHoYo, has risen in popularity, and many players are hoping that it's still coming to Nintendo Switch. While many players all over the world are enjoying this game, there's a controversy online that's making people wonder why Genshin Impact is trending on Twitter. In this article, we have an examplanation for the #Boycottgenshin hashtag.

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Credit: miHoYo

Why #BoycottGenshin is trending on Twitter

There are various reasons why the hashtag #boycottgenshinimpact is trending on Twitter, but the main reason is the representation of the Hillchurls. Some people brought up how the Hillchurls are inspired by indigenous people, and how they are depicted as enemies is seen as disrespectful to indigenous people, and their culture.

The miHoYo behind the scenes video uploaded in October 2020 featured this reference to indigenous people.


While many are agreeing that the depiction of the Hillchurls is problematic, some fans argue that it's just fantasy and that they're not actually bad. Some people are also claiming that the outrage isn't authentic and the game is trending now due to a supposed leak which claims that Chasm/Inazuma isn't coming anytime soon.

Here are what fans are saying on Twitter:


Other reasons why #boycottgenshinimpact is trending

There are other reasons why #boycottgenshinimpact is trending: complaints about diversity of its heroes, and how some are called "exotic" and "scary".

As for what fans can look forward to in the actual game, Genshin Impact is anticipating the release of Rosaria who will be available in playable form.