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The Boy and the Heron Breaks US Box Office Record

The Boy and the Hero US Box Office Mahito Maki

After much anticipation, Hayao Miyazaki’s latest film has finally opened in US cinemas, and it has become a big hit. That’s because The Boy and the Heron has broken a big US box office record for an anime film.

During the weekend, Miyazaki’s new movie emerged at the top of the box office charts. This is an impressive feat, especially considering that this movie is not part of a big franchise.

The Boy and the Heron Becomes First Original Anime to Top US Box Office Weekend

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The Boy and the Heron is one of this year’s most anticipated films, especially among anime fans. After all, it’s the first new movie by anime maestro Hayao Miyazaki in a decade.

Miyazaki’s newest project did not disappoint, as it was a major hit with critics. Aside from great reviews, the movie also became a big box office hit in Japan despite the interesting zero promotion strategy.

Finally, The Boy and the Heron was released in US cinemas a few days ago. Soon after, Variety reported that the film earned USD 12.8 million in the US box office, making it the weekend’s top-grossing film.

What makes this an even more impressive feat is that this is the first original anime film to top the domestic box office. The film’s success is attributed to the show’s premium large format and IMAX screenings.

Given the movie’s success so far, some might think that it has a case for becoming one of Studio Ghibli's top-earning movies. In terms of historical data though, that likely won’t be the case internationally.

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Hayao Miyazaki’s Latest Film Likely Won’t Eclipse Spirited Away’s Record

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It’s fair to say that The Boy and the Heron is a big success at this point. Still, this film is far from Ghibli’s highest-grossing work, at least for now.

That honor goes to Spirited Away, which earned nearly USD 400 million in the worldwide box office (including re-releases).

Currently, Heron has earned USD 84 million globally, including USD 56 million from Japan. Thus, it’s not likely that the latest Ghibli movie will come close to Spirited Away’s success.

Of course, Spirited Away is a bit of an unfair comparison. After all, that film is a once-in-a-decade success as it was Japan’s highest-grossing film of all time until it was dethroned by Demon Slayer: Mugen Train in 2020.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, The Boy and the Heron is still screening in cinemas across the US this week.

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Source: Variety

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