Boruto Chapter 63 Release Date and Time, Spoilers: Boruto vs. Code?

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the monthly shonen series by creator Masashi Kishimoto and artist Mikio Ikemoto, will return with a brand new chapter in October 2021. Now that Code has made his move against Kawaki, fans are excited to know how Boruto will confront the powerful villain.

Boruto Chapter 163
Credit: Shueisha

In this article, we've compiled the latest information about Boruto Chapter 63, including plot details, release date, and more. We will constantly update the article once more details come out, so feel free to bookmark this page.

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Here's everything you need to know about Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 63.

Boruto Chapter 63 Spoilers: Boruto vs. Code?

Boruto 63
Credit: Shueisha

In the previous chapter of Boruto, Code reveals his ultimate plan to Kawaki - how revenge is just the first stage of his plans, and that he will cultivate a Divine Tree that will procure its chakra fruit, and drain all the chakra in the world, and nearly kill everyone and everything.

Code tells Kawaki that he's excluded from his vengeance list because someone wants to meet him. Code says that Kawaki is coming with him, but just in the nick of time, Boruto suddenly appears to intervene their fight, and breaks Code's chokehold over Kawaki with his flying kick. The chapter concludes with Boruto telling Kawaki to tell him about where he's heading next time, and Kawaki looks surprised.


Update: Now that Boruto Chapter 63 is out, here are major spoilers:

The title of Chapter 63 is Ask No Questions. There's a shot of Code, Boruto, and Kawaki in confrontation. Ada explains to Code that since he went wild and didn't listen to her, she wasn't able to warn him about Boruto. Code wonders how Boruto was able to track Kawaki since he erased his chakra, to which Ada replies, "Who knows?" and she said that there might be a special bond between Boruto and Kawaki because Boruto is an Otsutsuki or due to karma.

Boruto asks Code if the villain is using himself to bait out Kawaki, and Kawaki tells Boruto to stay out of it, and to quit interfering in his business. Boruto tells Kawaki to not be reckless and that they should hold off Code until Naruto and the other ninjas from Kononha can find them, but Kawaki tells Boruto that he's missing the whole point.

Credit: Shueisha

Kawaki says that he won't Naruto die even if it will cost him his life, and Boruto looks worried. Code puts up his hood, and Ada informs Code that the others are still searching within Konoha, and it's just a matter of time before they find them. Then Code asks Kawaki what he thinks he can do to protect the Hokage.

Kawaki tells Code that he wants to talk to the person who wants to meet him, telling him that he won't be going anywhere with him anyway. Ada appears to blush hearing that Kawaki wants to meet her. Kawaki says that he wants to negotiate with them since it seems that they have enough influence for Code to remove him from his vengeance list. Code says that Kawaki has no idea what kind of ridiculous demand they might have on him, and Kawaki says that he's used to people who want something from him that are far from reasonable.

Code brings out a black band, but says that Kawaki can come willingly instead of having to drag him out. Boruto interferes, and says that his father wouldn't want that to happen, and Kawaki tells him to stay out of his business again. Boruto punches his cheek, and says that it's his right to protect him. Ada says, "That's hot".


Code introduces himself to Boruto, and tells him that he reveres him because Otsutsuki are his faith, and that he intends to feed him to the Ten Tails to cultivate the Chakra Tree. Boruto tells him to just go home, but Code tells him that it's time to test the quality of the intended sacrifice.

Kawaki tells Boruto to run since he has no chance of winning against Code, and Boruto tells him that Code is not the type who would let him get away anyway. Boruto says that his only choice is to kick his butt.

Meanwhile in Konoha, Naruto asks Ino to search the perimeter to find Boruto, and we see more ninjas trying to find Boruto. Naruto is informed that Boruto is not nearby, and the Hokage looks worried.

Back to Code's confrontation: Boruto attacks Code with a flying kick, and brings out a Rasengan, but when he tries to hit Code, the villain disappears, and re-appears behind him for an attack. Code hits Boruto with his claw but it turns out to be just a clone. Boruto appears above Code, and unleashes a Raiton Lightning Style attack, but he missed, and more claw marks appear again.

Credit: Shueisha

Code tells Boruto that he's an amateur when it comes to karma, and Boruto notices white karma that Code is controlling. Boruto tries to swing a punch, but Code elbows him on the chin, knocking him down, then Code does a flying kick to send him flying, and Kawaki is not surprised since that was expected.


Code explains the potential power of karma, saying that one becomes stronger when they activate karma, but increased power and speed from improved physical ability are not enough to get an exponential jump in battle strength, and that the real reason lies elsewhere, and that is the Otsutsuki's combat experience accumulated over a millennia. Code went on to say that Boruto will become a seasoned warrior if he draws out karma properly.

Code kicks Boruto again, and tells him that he's got more than that. The villain tells him to show him more of Otsutsuki Momoshiki's power, and Code tries to step on Code, but it turns out to be a clone. The real Boruto appears behind Code, and he unleashes the power of his karma.

When will Boruto Chapter 63 be released?

Boruto 163
Credit: Shueisha

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 63 is scheduled to release on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, according to MangaPlus and other official sources.

Boruto Chapter 63 is expected to release at midnight JST on Wednesday.


If this release time is accurate, the English translations for Chapter 63 should be released online at the following times, but they may be released earlier.

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Wednesday, October 20
Central Time: 11 AM on Wednesday, October 20
Eastern Time: Noon on Wednesday, October 20
British Time: 5 PM on Wednesday, October 20

Where to read Boruto Chapter 63?

Boruto Chapter 63
Credit: Shueisha

You can read the latest chapter of Boruto on Viz Media and Manga Plus. Viz Media lets you read the first three and the last three chapters for free, but if you want to access all the chapters, you will need to subscribe for a Shonen Jump membership, which costs only $1.99 a month.