14 Aug 2019 3:00 PM +00:00 UTC

Borderlands 3 Villains are Social Media Influencers Who Encourage Their Followers to Kill

Borderlands 3 is coming out later this year and fans are pretty pumped to try the game out, even though it had one of the most cringe-worthy reveals ever seen. The game is a direct sequel to the second game, which recently received free DLC to hype up the third game, which no one expected to see. Fans are also excited to see how hateable the new villains will be, though it's gonna be hard toppling Handsome Jack.

However, during an interview with Polygon, lead writers Danny Homan and Sam Winkler went and discussed new villains Troy and Tyreen Calypso, who are social media influences who tell their fans to kill people. It's an incredibly relevant plot element, which is surprising since the last two games (three if you include The Pre-Sequel) never included social commentary like this.

"We started thinking, ‘Well, what do bandits do? They murder, they pillage, they do these heinous acts.' So what if there are these two villains who are basically murder streamers who like held up all the most atrocious acts and said, ‘That's great! It's content! We love it. We want to share it. We want to encourage it. We want to make you do even more of it.' And that's, that's kind of the impetus behind them being streamers."

Knowing that some of the random thugs you'll be killing are crazed fans is pretty interesting and does say a lot about fandom today. These days, there are people crazy enough to try and fight people just because celebrities don't like them. That's doubly true for social media influencers, who can get real petty and unintentionally rally their fans to attack others.

As someone who hasn't really touched the Borderlands games, this concept is intriguing enough for me to want to check out. Might be a good time to check out Borderlands: The Handsome Collection just to get caught up. Darn it 2K, you got me.

Borderlands 3 comes out on September 13 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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