Bond 25: Producers Are Open To Hiring A Female Director

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It's no mystery that the Hollywood industry is more of a boys' club what with all the male directors getting the big jobs. At this point, the only female director who's made an impact with big-budget movies recently is Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins. With Bond 25 in the works, producer Barbara Broccoli talks about women in front and behind the camera, and she says they are very open to having a woman direct the next Bond film.

Talking to Screen Daily, Broccoli explains:


"There are a lot of women working on this production which pleases me very much. It's incredibly important to support a change in front of and behind the camera. I love working with women. It's a different vibe."

Besides that Broccoli also takes time to talk about he challenges that women face when it comes to staying in film, and says that it has to do with their responsibilities to their family.

"We have to promote women within the industry. Women are often tasked with taking care of children and ailing parents, so it's hard for some women to sustain a career in this industry. We have to be more family-friendly, with childcare, flexible hours and job shares. At Eon, we have a lot of women doing job sharing and it's easy with technology."

I say regardless of gender, I'd very much like to see Bond 25 hire someone who is good for the job. Then again, since men are currently dominating Hollywood, I can imagine it must be hard for a woman to try and prove herself when everyone else is trying to place themselves on the spotlight.


Hopefully Bond 25 finds the right person for the job.

Bond 25 is expected to come out Nov. 8, 2019.

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