Boba Fett Actor Temuera Morrison Wants Mace Windu Back in Star Wars

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Credit: Lucasfilm

I think we've already established the fact that the MandoVerse is the gift that keeps on giving and after The Mandalorian's second season brought Boba Fett "back from the dead", the franchise's original bounty hunter has found quite the resurgence in the Star Wars universe. Now, with The Book of Boba Fett nearing its finale, fans are interested to know what the future holds for the character played by Star Wars legend Temuera Morrison.

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Credit: Lucasfilm

As it stands, we still don't know if Fett will continue to make his presence known in the franchise post-The Book of Boba Fett but the New Zealand actor himself already has an idea of how his next exploit should unfold and it has something to do with revisiting old wounds.

During a conversation with IMDb ahead of the hit Disney+ show's final chapter, Morrison revealed that should we see Boba return to Star Wars after The Book of Boba Fett, he has his sights on exacting revenge on Mace Windu who mercilessly beheaded his father Jango in Attack of the Clones.

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Well, in order for that to happen, Windu needs to exist in the MandoVerse and if you may recall, the character played by Samuel L. Jackson was presumed dead after Emperor Palpatine threw him via Force lighting into oblivion. Of course, given the fact that the films have never addressed Mace's "real" status, some folks believe that he is still alive, and what better way to bring him back than to do it in the MandoVerse.

The Book of Boba Fett's finale episode is streaming this Wednesday exclusively on Disney+.

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