Bob Iger Hints At Disney’s Plans For The X-Men, Fantastic Four, And Other Mutant Franchises

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There's been a lot of anticipation over Disney's merger with 21st Century Fox, mainly because Marvel fans are expecting the deal to bring the X-Men, Fantastic Four and other mutants to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, it looks like those following the news surrounding Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox and its film and television assets now have a little tease of what's to come.


Speaking with shareholders during the Mickey Mouse House's 2018 third quarter financial results conference call (via the Motley Fool), Disney CEO Bob Iger decided to tease the company's plans for the many big-name properties that the company will be gaining out of the merger with Fox.

"20th Century Fox Film is yet another example. It gives us the opportunity to be associated with and to expand iconic movie franchises like Avatar, Marvel's X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Deadpool, Planet of the Apes, Kingsman, and many others," Iger told Disney's investors during the conference call.

This is the closest confirmation that Marvel fans get that Disney will be working on expanding Fox's mutant franchises. However, we are still to see whether Disney plans to have the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other mutants grow alongside its other major franchises in the MCU – something that fans have been hoping for all along. Right now, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige remains tight-lipped on the inclusion of the mutants in the MCU, but hopefully once the merger is settled we'll finally be able to get a confirmation from Marvel.

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