Blue's Clues Hosts Reunite for Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

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2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the popular Nickelodeon kids show Blue’s Clues. Lately, many people were thrilled when the hosts of the show from past to present, Steve (played by Steve Burns), Joe (played by Donovan Patton), and Jose (played by Joshua Dela Cruz) reunited to celebrate the occasion.

Many people were emotional when the trio appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade standing beneath a Blue’s Clues-themed float. Then they serenaded everyone with the song You Can’t Spell Blue With You as a way of thanks for the 25 awesome years.


Videos of the float and the trio’s performance were a huge talk on social media from Twitter to TikTok. Many people expressed the same feeling of being emotional and feel like crying when they saw the Blue’s Clues float.

A while back, Steve Burns made a heartwarming 25th anniversary video addressing his fans and to those who followed Blue’s Clues when they were kids. He said that that he has not forgotten us (the viewers of the show) ever and he is glad that we’re still his friends after all these years. Many shared that it was the exact closure that everyone needed as Steve’s departure from the show was so sudden.

Blue’s Clues premiered on Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr block on September 8, 1996. The show is about Steve and his pet dog Blue as they go around the house or meet different places in order to find clues that are stamped by Blue’s pawprint. The show is notable for its art and unique way of presenting itself to the audience. Steve is the only human actor in the show, while the rest of the characters in the show are animated. This is one of the best kids' shows on Nickelodeon and many people can agree.

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