Blue Lock, Cardcaptor Sakura, and More Kodansha Manga Are Coming to Manga Planet

Kodansha Manga Planet Blue Lock Yoichi

Kodansha Manga Planet Blue Lock Yoichi

Reading manga legally has never been as easy as it is now, and it is about to get even better for readers. Manga subscription service Manga Planet just announced that it will add new Kodansha manga titles this month.

Manga Planet recently announced its intention to add hundreds of Kodansha titles. It also confirmed a selection of titles that will be added, including big hits such as Blue Lock.

This is an interesting development, especially considering that Kodansha only released its own platform a few months ago.

Kodansha Expands Its English-Language Manga Releases via Multiple Platforms

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Kodansha is one of the biggest publishers in Japan. The company is the publisher of popular manga magazines such as Weekly Shonen Magazine, Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, Monthly Afternoon, and more.

Back in May, Kodansha released K Manga, its official manga app. There, fans in the US finally had a way to legally read a huge selection of Kodansha titles, including popular series such as Tokyo Revengers and Chihayafuru.

However, the service came under scrutiny among many manga fans when it was launched. K Manga was criticized for its monetization and its limited availability.

Unlike other competing services which have affordable subscription models and wider availability, K Manga has a mobile game-like monetization structure that proved unpopular. It was also released only in the US and Canada.

For those who want to read Kodansha titles via a subscription, Manga Planet’s latest announcement comes right on time.

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Manga Planet Is Adding Over 500 Kodansha Manga This Month

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Manga Planet recently confirmed that it intends to add over 500 manga from Kodansha beginning this August.

While the complete list of manga has yet to be announced, Manga Planet confirmed that the following titles are part of the lineup:

  • Blue Lock
  • Boys Run the Riot
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Collector's Edition
  • Hitorijime Boyfriend
  • Loveless 1 (2-in-1 edition)
  • Mars
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal Edition
  • The Summer of You (My Summer of You)
  • Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus
  • Vinland Saga
  • What Did You Eat Yesterday?
  • Witch Hat Atelier
  • Yuri Is My Job!

Unlike K Manga, Manga Planet is a subscription service where users can read an unlimited number of chapters for a fixed price, starting at USD 1.99 per week.

Currently, there’s no word yet on when the complete list of titles will be revealed. There’s also no specific release date for the manga yet.

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