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Blonde: Ana De Armas Expresses Concern Over Marilyn Monroe Nude Scenes Possibly Going Viral

The highly-anticipated film Blonde is nearly approaching its release on the streaming service Netflix, featuring Cuban-Spanish actress Ana De Armas in the exhilarating portrayal of the 1950s icon Marilyn Monroe. Helmed by Andrew Dominik, the film was recently screened at the Venice Film Festival and earned a 14-minute standing ovation from the audience.

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Blonde will explore the late starlet's unseen emotional life, all credits to De Armas, who was spot on in portraying Monroe in a blonde wig and adopting an American accent. The film officially received a rare NC-17 rating due to some "some sexual content" that includes the disturbing recreation of a graphic rape scene from its source material with the same title, penned by Joyce Carol Oates.

In a recent interview with Variety, Blonde star Ana De Armas says that she fully expects her nude scenes to "go viral" and will be taken out of context. Despite knowing that her nude scenes will probably live online forever, this didn't cause her any hesitations to take on the Marilyn Monroe role. Check out her full quote below:

"I know what’s going to go viral, and it’s disgusting. It’s upsetting just to think about it. I can’t control it; you can’t really control what they do and how they take things out of context. I don’t think it gave me second thoughts; it just gave me a bad taste to think about the future of those clips.”

Sadly, being a massive sex symbol took a tremendous toll on Marilyn Monroe's life, and it's well known that the icon did suffer sexual violence during her career on multiple occasions. Due to the adaptation being faithful to the book, it seems that those disturbing moments will be carried over into the film in graphic detail.

De Armas has showcased her remarkable acting performances with her roles in Knives Out and The Gray Man, and there's no doubt that Blonde will finally establish her career as a versatile and outstanding actress. Unfortunately, her nude scenes going viral is seemingly inevitable, but if we look at it the other way, this just shows how De Armas is entirely committed to the role, despite being fully aware of the consequences.

Blonde will be streaming on Netflix on September 8.

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