Blade Runner Actor Rutger Hauer Has Passed Away at 75

"… All those moments will be lost in time. Like tears… in rain."

It's a sad day for science fiction fans as news has just dropped that legendary actor Rutger Hauer has passed away.

According to Variety, Hauer passed last weekend at 75 after a short illness. He's survived second wife of 50 years, Ineke ten Cate, and daughter Aysha Hauer, who was born from his marriage to Heidi Merz.

Hauer himself had a very accomplished acting career, but he's probably best known for his role as replicant Roy Batty in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. His portrayal was so iconic, that it was even said that his "tears in rain" line was something he came up with on the spot.

Besides that Hauer is also known for his role as John Ryder in The Hitcher, and he's also had smaller parts in films like Sin City and Batman Begins. He's also had TV roles in shows like True Blood and Salem's Lot.

As it stands, Hauer has cemented a legacy in filmmaking, and movie fans are mourning his loss. Just in, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro had this to say about Hauer on his Twitter account:

RIP the great Rutger Hauer: an intense, deep, genuine and magnetic actor that brought truth, power, and beauty to his films. My personal favorites: Flesh + Blood, Eureka, The Hitcher, Blade Runner, Ladyhawke, and Blind Fury.

Rest in peace, Rutger Hauer.

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