BLACKPINK Shock: Rolling Stones Korea Breaks Silence, Issues Apology To Jisoo, Lisa

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Rolling Stones Korea breaks its silence and apologizes to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Lisa after fans call out the publication for its alleged disrespectful article about the two female idols.

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Rolling Stones Korea issued a statement to address the issue on Instagram Story on Tuesday, July 12. The publication also said sorry to BLINKs after the backlash.

Rolling Stone Korea Releases Statement to Address BLACKPINK Issue


The magazine admitted to using inappropriate words when it described the two K-pop idols in the article and issued an official statement to apologize to Jisoo, Lisa and fans on Instagram.

It said,

“We have listened, have read, and have taken in all the considerations and remarks regarding the recent BLACKPINK column. We admittedly noted that we used inappropriate choice of words and context that led to this misunderstanding.”

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It also revealed its move to modify the articles online and in its next print edition. However, it explained that it might take some time before it would be seen, though it swore to do the right thing to correct its mistakes about BLACKPINK.

It continued,

“A revised and modified column will be published in the second edition of the print next week. The revised column will be on our official website. We apologize to the artists for causing concerns. We ask for patience with us. Thank you.”

Fans React to Rolling Stone Korea’s Apology to BLACKPINK Jisoo, Lisa

Meanwhile, fans seemed to have mixed reactions after Rolling Stone Korea posted its apology statement, per Koreaboo.

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Many said that though it had already addressed the issue and promised to correct its wrong, it couldn’t change the fact that it said disrespectful things about Lisa and Jisoo.

Rolling Stone Korea’s Controversial Article About BLACKPINK Jisoo, Lisa

Fans were furious after seeing how Rolling Stone Korea described Jisoo, alluding she didn’t possess the best talent among the group.

The article read,

“Although she does not possess the most outstanding talent in the group as a vocalist or dancer, her growth is much more apparent.”

Later in the article, the magazine also talked about Lisa and used inappropriate words to describe her beauty and ethnicity.

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It said,

“The unique presence of Lisa, created by her overpowering physical charm and exotic appearance… highlights her identity as a solo artist.…her pronunciation in those songs is natural enough to prevent the listener from sensing any kinks from the foreign member of the group.”

Many deemed Rolling Stone Korea implied that foreign K-pop group members brought “kinks” to their songs.

From there, fans started to take their sentiments about the issue on social media, making “respect and apologize” to BLACKPINK’s Jisoo and Lisa trend.

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