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BLACKPINK Jisoo Fashion 2022: Idol's Style Picks, Wardrobe Essentials Uncovered

Credit: BLACKPINK/YouTube Screenshot

BLACKPINK Jisoo endorses numerous brands and labels from various industries. In the world of beauty and fashion, Dior is among the names that she swears by.

It is not surprising to see the K-pop idol donning products from the said brand. But, apart from these items, the celebrity also has other go-to styles to look her best at engagements and appearances.

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About Her "Go-To" Styles

Jisoo seemingly has several go-to looks apart from her Dior ensembles. L’Officiel said that looking “ultra-feminine,” chic, and preppy are only some of them.

When getting feminine, the K-pop idol chooses to don tiny florals, flared silhouettes, and ruffles. As for looking chic and preppy, she wears edgy and trendy pieces, as well as button-ups and cardigans.

The other go-to looks and styles of Jisoo are wearing tweeds and schoolgirl outfits. She always reportedly accessorizes these styles to make them casual, sleek, and still glamorous.

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The Snowdrop Actress's Wardrobe Essentials

Hypebae previously listed the “essentials” in Jisoo’s wardrobe for its series called “Celebrity Wardrobe Essentials.” She appears to utilize these items for her looks and styles that have been deemed her “go-to.”

On top of the list are the idol’s Biker Jackets, with the outlet saying that the BLACKPINK member is a fan of classic and timeless styles. She reportedly wears such items on top of white tees and jeans, especially during trips abroad.

Cozy Knit Sweaters and Oversized Hoodies are the idol’s other wardrobe-essentials. The outlet stated that the latter is even her “all-time favorite.”

Another “essential” that makes it to the list is Jisoo’s nano-sized bags. As noted, they always work with any look.

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Dressing Like BLACKPINK Jisoo

Dressing like Jisoo can be challenging. But, avid watchers and followers appeared to have made a solution to help others make the deed much easier for the rest of the public.

Fans created a dedicated Instagram account, “dresslikejisoo,” which centers on the BLACKPINK member’s fashion picks and styles. Each post features a photo of Jisoo, alongside the details of what she is wearing in it.

Watch this space for more BLACKPINK Jisoo news.

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