Black Widow Takes on Taskmaster in Official Concept Art for the Movie

Black Widow was supposed to come out earlier this month but COVID-19 has made things impossible for pretty much everyone, with many of us bored (and safe) at home. We're all hoping that things will be better later in the year, though no guarantee has been made yet so all we can do is hope. MCU fans aren't exactly coming up with fanfictions of their favorites these days but they will be happy to see some official concept art where Black Widow fights Taskmaster.

Not exactly a cure for COVID-19 but hey, it's something that will put a smile on our faces.

MCU concept artist Andy Park was finally able to share this piece of artwork on his Art Station account. This piece of concept art may have actually been used in shows and got "leaked" later on but it's just good seeing the artist get to share his artistic muscles. While we all still have some mixed opinions about Taskmaster's look, one fight scene should be enough to redeem him.

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Credit: Marvel Studios/Andy Park

The fight between these two will probably be the highlight of this movie, with all of us just wishing that we saw it already. It really is a shame how COVID-19 came out of nowhere and robbed everyone of their 2020 plans but fans only have to wait a few more months before this film comes out. Assuming things are better by then, of course.

Currently, Black Widow is set for a November 6 release.

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