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Black Widow Star O-T Fagbenle Shares Thoughts on Scarlett Johansson's Lawsuit

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Black Widow star Scarlett Johansson's ongoing lawsuit against Disney has been one of the major hot topics around Hollywood ever since it started. Most people have been on the actress' side in the battle and, now, one of her co-stars has also spoken about the issue.

O-T Fagbenle, who played Rick Mason in the film, was interviewed by AP and asked about his thoughts on his co-star's lawsuit. He answered, "I mean, honestly, I'm not the most informed on this thing, so I would love to talk with somebody to learn about it, I just don't know. Ultimately, I do believe that all workers should get paid fairly. And, to be honest, the workers I think about most are those who are on minimum wage, I think about those who are in, you know, working in the sweatshops that provide our clothes. That's really my main concern when I think about unfair labor."

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The actor acknowledged that he wasn't very informed about the issue, but his comment does indicate that he is on Johansson's side in the situation. In the end, he did mention that he is more concerned with the minimum wage workers. It is great to hear that he is at least in solidarity with his co-star.

Johansson's lawsuit has been a subject of debate, but most people are on the side with the actress. After all, the issue here is that the terms in her contract weren't fulfilled by Disney, not the amount of money that she is earning. Interestingly, Bob Chapek, the CEO of Disney, announced recently that they are changing the talent deals from now on due to the lawsuit. It proves that the situation is already making a difference in the industry and it has an impact on how talent deals are being negotiated.

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As of this time, the lawsuit is still ongoing with the latest update being that Disney filed last month to move it to arbitration, meaning that it is very likely that they will settle behind closed doors.

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