Black Widow Set Photos Supposedly Confirm Yelena Belova

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The Black Widow film is currently shooting in Hungary, and though nothing official has been said, speculation points out that another Widow, Yelena Belova is going to be in the film. What's interesting is, it looks like some set photos have confirmed that the next Widow is indeed in the movie.

In these photos, you can see two crates, one marked NATASHA and the other YELENA HEAVY. While ‘Yelena' could be a, it would make sense that Belova would be in the film. After all, she is the second Widow after Natasha, and with Natasha dead, the MCU is in need of someone to fill in that role.


The guess is that Florence Pugh is playing Yelena, but of course, it could be something else. With this movie supposedly a prequel, this Yelena would have aged quite a bit come Endgame. My guess is either this will be Yelena's mother, or that Yelena is significantly younger than Widow during these events, and we get to meet her as an adult when we enter the contemporary timeline.

Until Marvel gives us something official, all we can really do is guess. Fingers crossed that they have something for us come SDCC 2019 this July.

No release date has been set for Black Widow, but with production currently ongoing, we could be looking at a release sometime later next year. For now, we wait for Spider-Man: Far from Home which hits theaters July 2.

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