Black Widow Sequel Confirmed in Upcoming MCU Movie

The 2021 film Black Widow marked the MCU introduction of beloved characters such as Yelena Belova, Red Guardian, Taskmaster, and many more. Obviously, with the death of Natasha Romanoff in Avengers: Endgame, the film is not expected to have a sequel. Or so we thought.

While Natasha is out of the picture, the rest of the surviving characters will live on in the future of the MCU as most of them are expected to make more appearances and become pivotal players of the franchise.

Thunderbolts is set to become the next major projects that the characters are set to appear in as it has been confirmed that Yelena, Red Guardian, Val, and Taskmaster are some of the main characters of the film. Considering that, fans are wondering whether the team-up movie is also a follow-up to Black Widow in some ways.

In a recent Instagram post by Marvel Studios Director of Visual Development Andy Park promoting the new The Art of Black Window book, he named Thunderbolts as a sequel to Black Widow and hyped up how the movies are connected and "gonna get interesting."

"Here’s the back cover portion for the wraparound cover I got to illustrate for THE ART OF BLACK WIDOW! Get your copy today! Taskmaster, the Red Guardian, Yelena AND Valentina Allegra de Fontaine will be returning in the upcoming THUNDERBOLTS film. It’s like it’s a Black Widow sequel & these these movies are connected or something! ;) It’s gonna get interesting," he wrote in his caption.

However, Park later retracted and edited his caption as he removed the part where he called Thunderbolts a sequel to Black Widow.

Considering that a couple of the characters from Black Widow are set to be some of the main players in Thunderbolts, it's not really surprising to hear that the film is some sort of a follow-up to Black Widow and it should also be pointed out that the writer of the upcoming film also worked on the 2021 film.

Despite that, while they are all connected, there is a chance that the storyline of the upcoming film will not follow the events of Black Widow and the connection is just simply on the characters. But since it is all part of the MCU, it is not also out of the blue to hear that they are all connected.

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Black Widow is available to stream on Disney+.

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